Art makes the ordinary extraordinary

Fast cars, Tomato Throwing contests, Actors & Instagram.
Are Glamorous in this world, Instead of 
Going to bed early, Long walks, Observing the sky at dusk, Kindness.
It’s not that, nothing at all is glamorous.
It's just that we need to direct our admiration and excitement more wisely;
we need to turn it upon the things which genuinely deserve prestige.
Artists can help us.
Fundamentally, art can turn the spotlight of glamour in the right directions.
Artists identify things that we tend to overlook but which, ideally, we should care about deeply.
We want to redistribute glamour by raising the prestige of the ordinary.
Art can give honour and political power to people who are not at the pinnacle of society:
to merchants, administrators, prosperous artisans and entrepreneurs.
That everybody’s inner life is important, even if on the outside they do
not seem particularly distinguished.
We are ordinary.
Yet, we (like everyone) are not in the least ordinary.
We are uniquely, profoundly, and mysteriously, oneself.
Because, above all else, we want to show that the ordinary can be very special.
We want to communicate a crucial & hugely sane idea.
That much of what matters to us is not exciting, urgent, dramatic or special things.
Most of life is taken up dealing with things that are routine, modest, humble, and (to be honest) a touch dull.
Our culture should focus on getting us to appreciate the average, the ordinary.