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A lot of you must have found yourself running in circles trying to blush away from the power of doing nothing just to make yourselves worthy enough of either a good salary, a stable job and a sustainable and routine-oriented lifestyle...... Well to start with this is what society terms "Normal". Behaviour deviating from the normal is termed "Abnormal", people who are given a curtain to stay away from the spotlight. The thing is we educated people have not yet fully mastered to understand human emotions and feelings and hence when we are confronted with a rather abnormal episode we are unable to resort to providing basic comfort.

I was struck with this very unusual situation a few months ago where a friend of mine wasn't able to cope with life and its put forth demands so he decided to choose a rather irrational desire to die--------- SUICIDE, something we all so necessarily need to talk about but still keep concealing it for reason unknown. First of all as a teenager I find it very normal to go through stress due to immense pressure and deadlines we succumb ourselves to and I feel that everyone of us is so gifted and worthy and deserves love, respect, loyalty and the truth.Suicide is never an option for an escape and you may feel that its the most suitable pain relieving option at that time but trust me it's not. Life has so much more beauty to show you and all that requires your time and patience. Life puts forward obstacles and hurdles and when you think life tries to put you down well its just making you stronger and improving you from what you were yesterday because you simple learn and grow through the storm.So as for my friend he did give life a chance, a chance to show him what he would have missed, a chance to regret a mistake he wouldnt have lived to regret, a chance to undo the pain he could have given to someone else, and an even fairer chance to life....

So here's to all my people out there, You just aim for the sky but at the same time stay grounded, You explore new ideas, people, concepts, music,relationships but at the end of the day you are all you have and you don't need to adjust to who you were but rather start living as who you are now. Well you have to know the darkness to appreciate the light .Hey you, dont be so hard on yourself, you will win this fight. You need to be fierce, fearless and flawed in order to be the best version of yourself and when you lie in bed to sleep you'll realise how lucky you are to be alive and a part of this universe.

                    "The world is a better place with you in it "


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