Feed me Back

So somewhere in between inspiring myself, inspiring others, building my creative ambitions, dodging negativity, I somehow manage to slay my goals and that wouldn't be possible without my never ending forces of pressure.

I was asked to interpret my view, my image of the word "Peace". A very rare and unusual concept to actually interpret on paper, the first element was that of a dove and an olive twig. The most calming and soothing effects endured through observing the intricate detailing of every feather definitely pulls someone into the life of a bird flying way above all the drama of everyday life, as far as my life is concerned. Overlapping it Lord Buddha stole the concept and with his most peaceful charisma. The two hands below signify the joining of two kinds of people showing that world peace is so simple and can be easily achieved by reaching hands out and helping every human no matter who you are and what you want to do in life. Inspiration hasn't hit me yet and till then would love if you guys could help me out!