Breathing dreams like air

Blink and you will miss a revolution 

I have always been enigmatic to this very saying as it strikes me the most. Within every passing moment innovative technology has ushered a fundamental change in almost every progressive society in the world. However the struggle remains within the society and its members.The word society has mused me .The fact that society goes through inconsiderable changes following a plethora of functions. With consistency and constrained by time the overall concept has enthralled me.

What exactly is this society?. Society is a platform holding the bonds of the human race. It weaves together the political, emotional,economical,social and cultural demands of the society.Society acts as the medium between mother and daughter/son and the child and the world. Society is characterized as a portal giving way to social events and strengthening the culture of millions. Several components of people from various sectors of life stand at the heart of a society. It is through the people in the society one modifies perspectives and raises preferences and opinions. Society stands as an omnipresent term with universal existence prevalent in all ancient civilizations. The concept of society varies and has a global multifaceted impact with culture and people. Some societies limit you while some emphasize on empowerment through participation while some are ruled and dictated by the evils of life while some just simple exist. It is through the teen-age that we are exposed to a very different environment which befuddles us. And while some victims simply bear the restrictions and chains put on them some exploit its existence.