Kareena: Wandering - From Art to Architecture

Sitting on my balcony, swinging my feet to the beat of the jackhammer and discerning the action across the road, a shiver ran down my spine and somehow I was able to connect and sync my heart beat to its accent. Moonlight gardens, lustrous white makrana marble, perfection in proportion, calligraphic walls tantalized me the most while viewing the most celebrated, perplexive mausoleum “The Taj Mahal’’, the crowning jewel of Indo-islamic architecture. It submerged me into a universe where I felt I sanguinely could master upon. Within clicks of seconds, I found myself capturing virtual images and redesigning my own concept of it and that is the very moment I, made this decision to become an architect in conceptualising my triumphs and responses to the outer world. My biggest fear in life is not being able to pursue what I was created for. I was raised in a place which permits only 1.1 square metres of personal space per individual, a place with the best-managed supply chain in the world, 'The Dabbawallahs' and the home of Bollywood - Mumbai, India. From an extremely young age, I was exposed to various colours of emotions and being a highly thoughtful individual I was able to grow up and encompasss a talent which held me above this competitive world. Deeper and deeper into this labyrinth of life, I realized how the need of me to help this multi-diverse world in trying to bring the change which is so necessary, stood out. For me Architecture is more than just the science of building, it is the relationship based on mutual interaction with an individual and a structure bounded by a social function.
Through architecture I would not only able to house individuals but to turn strangers into neighbours. I aspire to revolutionise the skyline of various cities through my very out of the box and strong implementations of perspectives. Along with my schooling, I am learning about various architectural monuments and its history of methods, techniques and the causes of foundation and building.
Being a part of The Bombay Cutting, I am further exploring the sciences of building in various countries and using it as a medium to incorporate a rational developmental project. Hopefully, I will be able to complete all the answers I was never satisfied with.
Tutoring fellow mates on the art of perspective drawings and painting images has allowed me to springboard myself into the future. I have personally visited villages in the dahanu district and taught the villagers ways to raise income by creating traditional art and craft pieces. I have also made cards, holders, paper stands and have sold it for charity. 2 years ago, a friend and I began a charity foundation named KAAYA focusing on helping out the helpless and needy where we conduct a small scale music programme during the festive season and the funds collected; we directly go down to the streets and distribute it to the really helpless victims of poverty.  I picture myself creating history in the field of architecture and putting out my thoughts for people to dwell on. With urbanisation and modernisation levels rapidly building the need for increase in architectural investments is stressed on. I wish to broaden concepts of individuals and been giving a platform to express my ideologies and skills I would be blessed to encounter such opportunities. I have this burning passion screaming to unfold itself and let the world know what I'm capable off. I believe I have what it takes to get there. My innovative ideas and broad concepts need to be put to use.
Talking about myself, I certainly am very responsible and supremely creative. This can be seen when I directed an entire theatre play based on a true story about mental retardation linked with creative ambitions resulting in dreams unbelievably fulfilled.
Through my evolutionary process I slowly found myself getting involved in ART something so expansive dealing with hues of colour and ideas all splattered on a medium and through every painting I would place myself on, I saw my repressed feelings which were hidden in the unconscious slowly making me realize that I was my only medium. So indirectly Art become a psychological environment providing me an unconditional positive regard. Art is truly a mirror where we enviously place our emotions and suppressed thoughts and when you show it to society it merely turns into a mirror where people themselves envision and show reflection to the same. I do not want to blush behind what I am capable of doing but want to be enchanted and inspired enough to support the shift and give art its life back on the mantle. With painting and just brush stroking being my eternal lovers, how could I resist the urge?. I love experimenting with colours and try using various modern techniques and range accordingly. Art, this specific word has had an immense impact on my life. I found that I could say things with colours and shapes that I couldn't say any other way. So I started to use it as a medium to splash out my feelings and slogans to the world.. It's not just a hobby it's more than that, it helps me feel great about myself. Painting draws me into a world, where I am in my fantasies and where my ideas are alive. We all our artists, painting our lives upon the canvas of reality, mixing colours our own way and applying emotion at will. It entangles me into a composition of colours and by the end of a painting I grow, I learn to escape that suppressed feeling and slowly deal with improvement by tangling myself out of it.