The Denouncement

“If you have to pick between something wrong and something very wrong then what would you select?”

I recently watched a film called “Mom” which completely distorted my entire mental and emotional functioning .A black car speeds its way through a deserted Delhi road and throws a teenage girl into a roadside drain, unconscious, left to die in the city’s sludge. The whole idea and execution of this evil plan is certainly very very disturbing for a teenager to even hear about.  How does a female feel protected in any such environment? .The mental trauma that the victim has to undergo to deal with this situation traumatizes us individuals without even touch . It often strikes me how the ideology of people can be so limited and  narrow minded that even approaching the above issue or finding remedial measures is considered a negative aspect leading to shame and value degradation.  In schools, students are imbibed and taught only the positives of life and hence life unbalances out the negatives where students are not really aware and conscious about protection and coping with the stress and anxiety caused by the negatives .  The movie fans the audience to indulge in anti-women crimes and creates an environment woman healthy .It emphasizes on women empowerment and how modern day women strive ,retaliate and object the wrongdoers by standing up for justice and what is to be and what shall be . The struggle to be able to stand up as oneself without narrowing your capabilities and just being known as YOU is what should be known to this world . Gender equality has its own position and treatment of females as mere sexual bodies rather than what is put to it is one such topic to be thoroughly discussed on. All that's left to say is that though all of us are so diverse in  thought,language and culture , the entire progress of this so called "Suppression of women existence" can be women powered only by being firm ,confident as well as careful, .It is us women who are able to understand the pain and powerless feeling experienced by our sisters being victims to this useless and purposeless action.

Are you ready to Women Power yourself ?