To You

Scientists fail to answer why a human being genuinely needs sleep. It's either to relax the mind or put an end to exhaustion to the human brain or even to sober down the so fired up individual. Is sleep the only way one can truly merge into oneness with body and soul and dream without the fear of rejection?. Your body hurts, your brain becomes foggy and stuffed with added knowledge you can longer show relatedness and you feel like you're trapped in a tunnel, when all you want is your bed. So, how do you keep going? How do you not just sit down in vain and wait for the final answer to reveal itself?.

  I was caught in this bitter quarrel with a true friend of mine where our perspectives and views didn't match at all and that just gave us an underlined reason to avoid small talk but, explain to me how the precious time involved evoked such a hating reaction which followed in blocking. Now what is blocking?. Blocking is cutting off, breaking away existential bonds due to discomfort, inability and disinterest in maintaining relationships when truly the main reason for merging the two souls was mere happiness. Human tendency to display aggressiveness is the most unfavorable trait possessed in man. Well my so called friend had developed a deep bondage of not just inability to sort the issue but thick lines to to scribble upon its remedies. I was in deep shock that how a person showing such true characteristics of friendship can back stab you within limited period to develop such thoughts and demand a "sorry". However memories running through every sensation are what one carries through various phases of life. Who I may share my favorite chocolate today may not be the same person I open my feelings up to. The whole idea of vanishing and fueling out a person from your defined sectors of life can be painful but the thought that you still hold a chance to forgiveness and reunion and to be able to hold on to the few scars and marks pierced on your heart is what one can ponder upon ; for what I feel is that there will be an assured line telling you to either close the book or turn the page and it depends only on the pain inflicted and the effects borne upon.For all I can say is that sometimes you can never know the value of a moment until it shows upon an highlighted memory. And sometimes there is hope for its the mind that gets angry while heart still cares..... So are you going to sleep upon it or awaken with peace?

We come across various people in life and each one of them give us a different story, impact and understanding of life in various directions. They help you become who you are right now and without their inputs you wouldn't be able to fight those strong self battles within yourself. The sharing of time reflects every area in life.Your Time is divinely beautiful. What I can do today I maybe doubtful to do tomorrow. Life is so short, everything and anything can camouflage your plans and when you are left with pain and death of your soul, who are the people who will unconditionally fade away with you?