Hi everyone,

I've found myself somewhere between wanting to sleep that extra 5 minutes but not being able to and researching about ideas I would never see myself stepping upon. The field of Architecture has really broadened my entire perspective,opinions and concepts of almost every object, situation,event and even the people I'm surrounded by.

This semester I'm doing a very intensive study on organic networks. What are networks though? Network is any such passage or source providing either connectivity,food,stability pressure,contraction,expansion.Narrowing upon a carrot I noticed the following.

 Carrot (Under the microscope)-

There are  micro-organisms in the rhizosphere which release Auxin- a very important phytohormone and light which regulate developmental processes including stem elongation,cell elongation,flowering ,flower development,fruit and leaf senescence. Protons are released by the proton pump which in turn decreases Ph and increases growth internally and externally. The given object is a taproot which consists of a dominant central root with other roots sprouting laterally. Seen in the above image the pulpy outer cortex is phloem composed of sucrose and alphabeta carotene while the inner core is xylem filled with water.

The most significant stimuli affecting the walls was Pressure.The pressure was so immense that  the pressurized walls and tensed layers disfigured at different levels and compositions.Plasticity is affected by the pressure exerted by the preceding layer which causes pressure on the underlying layer. The layer grows in girth and height from the base to the top spirally. Being extremely fibrous the layers are held with tiny fibers of varying densities.



Arrangement of spiral layers