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In Secure

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Every one of us have 2 lives - One we live everyday and the other one we start living once we realize we only have one life, one heart, one day, one new beginning to begin and end with. Life forms the longest of words in the shortest span of movement and it is in this very movement of frames in ones life do we encounter various colours life holds for us from the falling of snow to the overwhelming sun beaming on our physical bodies - I SEE HOPE ! 

Insecurity breathes in everyone, the feeling of being other than yourself grows through socialization and it is only through us, a medium do we realise we are truly in a secure and confident environment being ourselves. 

With white eye-lining our eyes with focus and powdering our face with elegance and confidence we can truly stand out in the spotlight without narrowing the "sun" in us !

Done in acrylic paint showing us that our reflecting soul is much louder and prouder who we are and are capable of becoming !