About Us

The Bombay Cutting

'The Bombay Cutting' is a movement to drive change by amalgamating 'artistic expression' with 'social & cultural impact'. It has been brought to life by artists, who live & love Bombay in India, and who are lovers of cutting chai, a local indulgence of sweet, incredibly strong tea. It aims to empower artists with the creative freedom to boundlessly express themselves through the creation and interpretation of art with no existence of judgement.
The artists portray collections of passionately crafted art pieces on topics, issues & concepts that they gravitate towards with either a deep adoration or a substantial revulsion. This is a product of restlessness, instigated by events, existent in the present setting, that the artists find hard to comprehend, coupled with the wonder of how beauty projects from the hackneyed. The artists look to make their art tell a story, a story only unravelled post deep immersion into the paintings, which have been crafted to speak with their own unique aura and significance.

High over the city, full of dreamers and hard-labourers, starlets and gangsters, stray dogs and exotic birds, artists and servants, fisherfolk and crorepatis, the yellow lights of the Queen's necklace contributed their share of human secrecy to the casual watcher in the darkening streets. They were within and without, simultaneously enchanted and repelled by the inexhaustible variety of life

The Bombay Cutting is a venture to amalgamate the 'casual watchers' of this world with 'active creators', 'contributors' and 'changers'. It is a movement to elucidate the obscurity of thoughts and ideas whilst preventing their exacerbation.
We invite you to immerse yourself in our art and support the causes behind them.
We hope you would refrain from being just a casual watcher, enchanted by our art, but graduate to being inspired and supporting the shift to give impactful art its life back on the mantle.