Causes We Support

Saturday Art Class is where art and imagination uplift education. It is a uniquely-designed initiative that aims to enrich and develop socially disempowered children through a variety of holistic and value-based modern art curriculums.

Conducted in BMC Schools, low-funded private schools and orphanages throughout the city of Mumbai, our dedicated team of industry experts, coordinators, mentors and volunteers have designed curriculums that facilitate each class to achieve the pre-determined set of learning curves.

Why Saturday Art Class?

Children from socially and economically less privileged backgrounds, at a tender age, are burdened with responsibilities and are exposed to situations that make it very difficult for them to “just be children”. Our curriculum acknowledges their plight as circumstantial and provides them with a safe haven where they can act their age and revel in everything they deserve. This is paramount for their overall psychological development.

We believe that a good education is not just what you gain from books but also what you gain from your experiences as a student. The process of creating art in itself is a language which enables us to communicate at a deeper level with them. This allows us to inculcate our core values to mould the child and ensure wholesome character development.



We strongly support their cause that Cancer is life altering and not life defining.

Cope with cancer identifies the Can in cancer and provides a platform for a victim to walk out Confident, Fearless and Fierce through the following:

  • Financial Aid at Tata Memorial - The Trust provides financial aid to economically challenged patients for investigations like CT / PET CT and MRI and treatments like chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgeries to the General class patients at Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai.
  • Discounted treatment for cancer patients - Discounted treatment for cancer patients Most cancer patients need expensive treatment to get delivered,  be it Chemotherapy cost, Radiation Therapy cost or cost of Surgeries etc. To help reduce the expenses we have partnered with a number of providers who offer discounted services for cancer patients.
  • Discounts on Diagnostics for Cancer Patients - Discounts for Cancer Patients   The patients and the caregivers bear the brunt of cancer treatment in a very big way with a whole lot of families pushed into financial drudgery due to treatment cost.  Cope with Cancer has made special arrangements for discounts for cancer patients for investigations.