6 years ago, I would never have dreamt that I would one day call myself an artist. Some people grow up with a paintbrush instead of a pacifier- for me, it was a pen. Literature was my puppy love- I wrote my first novel at age 11 ( 200 pages of innocently crappy fiction), spoke in rhyme all the time, and day dreamed of the book signings I was sure I'd be holding in the future. But as I grew up, a young girl in an ambivalent and infinitely complex world, I began to find that words fell short. So linear, so definitive, black and white- what could I say that would even begin to capture the multiplicity of hues that surround us? Well, plenty actually. There are a thousand ways to talk about the colour blue without saying the word blue at all. And many of those ways can really make you feel something you never have before- but experiencing that colour, first hand, hitting your pupils like a steam train? That’s the power of visual art.

If I had to describe my relationship to art in one word, I’d say it’s primal. It has always been about unadulterated, pure expression. It comes straight from my heart and soul without any intellectual process interrupting, and most of the time I don’t really decide what I’m going to make. I just choose a medium, put brush to paper, and let it go where it wants to...almost like I'm actually the medium. And wondrously enough, once I'm done, it always makes sense to me. It always seems to perfectly communicate where I am in my life at that moment- in terms of my own evolutionary process, my thoughts and emotions, everything. I don’t know if that’s what others see when they look at it- but that’s the beauty of abstraction. I think Steven Wilson said it best in one of his interviews- “ It’s the idea that art is a kind of mirror. You create something in a very selfish way and then when you release it into the world, it becomes a mirror. If other people see themselves reflected back in what you’re doing, then there is a sense of touching people. Touching people means making people understand that they’re not alone in feeling the emotions they’re feeling. None of the things we feel in this world is unique to us, no matter how bad or good they may feel.”

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