"I dream my canvases and then I paint my dreams"
     I am Kareena Pinto. I am 16 years young.
    I have grown up in a place which permits only 1.1 square metres of personal space per individual, a place with the best-managed supply chain in the world, 'The Dabbahwallahs' and the home of Bollywood - Mumbai, India. A girl who loves to paint, explore, learn, bathroom sing with a pinch of Karan Johar style drama. With painting and just brush stroking being my eternal lovers, how could I resist the urge? I love experimenting with colours and try using various modern techniques and range accordingly 
    In kindergarten, when we were assigned to paint a picture, amid all the scribbling of my peers, there was me, artistically and happily painting a picture. Just like how everyone has their 'thing', I found mine at the age of 5.
    Art, this specific word has had an immense impact on my life. I found that I could say things with colours and shapes that I couldn't say any other way. So I started to use it as a medium to splash out my feelings and slogans to the world. Art helps me mirror my hidden inner self and spill it on a canvas.
    It's not just a hobby it's more than that, it helps me feel great about myself.
    Painting draws me into a world, where I am in my fantasies and where my ideas are alive.
    We all our artists, painting our lives upon the canvas of reality, mixing colours our own way and applying emotion at will.
    Don't be afraid to let your brush strokes show and just let go.Well, that’s all I think of for now ,If there’s anything you want to know that I missed out on, leave a comment and I’ll be sure to add it up.
    Browse on and discover my passion for painting and do leave a word, I would love to hear from you.
    Yours Artistly,
    Kareena Pinto