I art to stay sane, I art because I am.

I love expression, in all it’s forms — art to dance, writing and theatre to photography. Art, in my opinion, is the ability to communicate freely without any barriers whatsoever. 

It gives me an opportunity to express that which is otherwise inexpressible. I am not the kind of person who easily lets another into my personal space. By displaying my creations for the world to see, I feel like like I am laying myself bare, in fragmented bits — a terrifying relief!

Where I am at, what I’m going through and how strongly I am feeling, are the three most important aspects of my art. Because I view art as a sort of release, personally, ‘the concept’ reigns over all else — for me, at the crux, is the inception of a piece.


I art to quieten my mind and lighten my heart.

When I put pen or paint to paper, it is so much more than I can explain. Every piece I create is unique because of the person I am, in the time-space of when it was being created. If I can portray an idea well, I feel more at ease. Once I am done with a piece, I feel like I am no longer who I was when I started it. Something is different, something changed.

I lay a piece of me, in everything I create. Every doodle, every stroke, I physically feel myself investing a part of who I am —  in it. Art for me, is a sort of shield, making it easier for me to breathe.

I entangle myself in my creation allowing myself to undo the tangles of existence.

The beauty of creating, is that its open to interpretation. I thoroughly enjoy having people giving me their opinion, what they believe I am attempting to convey. And though the viewer might come close to deciphering what I am trying to say — using the title and description of the piece as clues, they might never fathom how it came to be, in it’s entirety.

My biggest achievement would be if other’s connect to what I create, despite me being unabashedly raw. I don’t create pieces with the sole aim of having them aesthetically appeal to another — because aesthetics like beauty, is so subjective. Therefore when it happens organically, it encourages me to better myself, whilst making me smile endlessly. Being real to myself through my art and still having others relate to it, would be a gift like no other.


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